At AO Software Solution also known as AOSS we have the experience, the expertise and the resources to respond to the unique challenges and opportunities that are associated with providing high quality IT solutions in the extremely competitive business environment of today.
AOSS was founded by six visionary and enterprising IT Professionals with a versatile and in-depth experience of the global IT industry. AOSS started its operations with bespoke software development and consultancy. Today AOSS offers a full bouquet of IT services to meet the growing requirements of its global clients and has a number of large clients for its services of IT outsourcing as well as bespoke application development.
AOSS success in its deliveries in all its businesses is result of a very determined and strict adherence to its well designed processes.
Our forte comprises the following solutions:
•     Enterprise Application Development
•     Custom Application Development
•     Product Development
•     Web Development & ecommerce
•     Database Administration and Migration
•     Mobile Application
•     Infrastructure management and support

Our value proposition lies in
•     Global delivery model with defined delivery metrics
•     Business process expertise
•     Matrix organization structure & rich resource pool
•     Focus on re-usability thus reducing cycle times and costs
•     Track the SLAs norms using web tools which are transparent even to our customers
•     Knowledge Management -knowledge acquisition and retention
Web Solutions: Our software and web based solutions offer proven capabilities through a wide array of solutions like:
1.     website design:
2.     ecommerce & online store
3.     portals
4.     online directory
5.     e-newsletters
6.     online forum
7.     e-learning solutions
8.     multimedia solutions
AOSS offers cost-effective solutions specifically tailored to your immediate needs and fully upgradeable to meet your future needs. We have expertise in creating all kinds of web solutions: B2B applications, B2C applications, web portals and many others. These solutions give you flexibility and power - all at a reasonable price and within your particular fixed budget frame.

At AO Software Solution providing superior services and support through your solution lifecycle is just standard operating Procedure.You have the right solutions for business success. Our services will help you to maximize your success through a combination of ERP experts, methodologies and tools plus a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings. These offerings span all phases of your solution life cycle, from planning to building to running. So you can align your IT and business strategies, get your software up and running fast, and keep it operating at peak levels – ensuring that IT supports your business goals.
Enterprise Solutions (ERP)
Enterprise Resource Planning.
Web Solutions
Website Development
Portal Development
Payment Gateway for online Shopping
Domain registration
Educational Solutions
Complete Solution of University.
Solution for Library Management.
Solution for Svhool Sector.
Networking MS (Manage Services)
IT Infrastructure Management Services
Remote Managed Infrastructure Services
NOC Inside services
IT Monitoring
IT Service Desk
IT Asset Management
IP Traffic Analysis
IT Services.
Custom Application Development.
System Integration.
Performance Engineering
Bussines Consulting
IT Consulting
Bussines Solutions.
Business Intelligence & Performance management
Business Intelligence
Business Process Management
Enterprise Data Management
Integration Services
Knowledge Management / Enterprise Content Management
Engineering and industrial services
New Product Development Solutions
Product Lifecycle Management
Plant Solutions & Services
Geospatial Technology Solutions
Industry-specific Offerings