AOPEN has been established for over 17 years, pioneering the ultra-small form factor PC and Commercial Appliances, for global electronics, information technology and communications (ICT) solutions. Its access to the parent group Wistron, with 2011 combined revenue of greater than 21 billion USD and operations in more than 100 countries, gives AOPEN a worldwide pool of expertise, combined with innovative systems and solutions to deliver added value to customers.

Our business has successfully evolved over time while keeping the same values and believes – our focus on working with our customers to achieve their business goals and the importance we place on our culture of intrapreneurship as a leader to innovation.

On a Global scale AOPEN is a leading provider of commercial products and applied business solutions.

Our practices exist to manage the development of our people, intellectual capital, products, services and to provide subject matter expertise on to commercial sectors in which creating an end customer experience is paramount.

Due to this specialization AOPEN has the unique opportunity to work across the entire value chain from working with the world's leading retailers and financial institutions to being the pioneers in digital signage, and continuing to invest significant Research & Development to apply not only developed products, but solutions, practices and cloud infrastructure as an enabler for digital media to become seamlessly integrated into business practices.

AOPEN continues to develop products and solutions for global brands, and blue chip companies of Fortune 500, while creating products for channel partners in applied computing fields for Retail and Banking, Hospitality, Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Health and Entertainment.