Get superior protection with complete security solutions for your network
operations. For turnkey solutions, APC also offers Managed Service
• Smooth business operations without costly interruptions
• Confident protection from intrusions, malicious behavior, and threats
• Reduced costs on maintenance, management, and infrastructure
• Increased productivity with proactive security management and
problem resolution
APC’s Security solutions include:
• Firewall
• Email and web security
• Intrusion prevention/detection
• Two-factor authentication
• Anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-spyware protection

Seamlessly manage your storage infrastructure to meet your
ever-expanding business needs. APC Storage optimizes performance,
protects data, and reduces operational costs. APC Managed Storage
Solutions offers even more.
• Maximized control and visibility across an array of operating systems
• High security with compressed and encrypted technology
• Assured data recovery and restoration
APC’s Storage solutions include:
• Offsite fortress storage center
• Disaster recovery & business continuity planning
• Network Attached Storage (NAS) & Storage Area Network (SAN)
• Tape