About APD

APD is an Internet marketing company dedicated to your personal and business success. Providing self-help products ranging from business and vocation-related advice to alternative health therapies, we deliver no-nonsense information to ensure you enjoy the journey to greater wealth, health and fulfilment.

APD adopts an honest, straightforward and candid approach that uncovers the truth behind the hype.

Helping you achieve your ambitions to make money online, our wealth division differentiates between the good and the bad in Internet marketing products, revealing all in our product review blog: http://apdinternetmarketingproductreviews.blogspot.com/

Our main portal website, www.apd-marketing.co.uk, offers practical help and advice on how to get your online business started, including the essential facts that you must know about affiliate marketing, email marketing and web development. Because we understand what it’s like to start your business from scratch, we provide a host of free tools and reports on both the main website, and our specialist hub pages, http://hubpages.com/profile/APD+Marketing.

Our monthly newsletter brings you insider tips on how to get your online business primed for success. Every issue also comes with a healthy dose of positive mental attitude to keep you motivated and on the right track, heading straight towards your goals until you achieve them.

Our main products include Total Control (www.gain-money-and-power.com), a personal management tool that exposes how the power giants of this world manage both their time and money to create huge profit-making businesses, and explains how you can employ the same techniques to turn time into money.

Write for Riches (www.write-for-riches.co.uk) presents the most comprehensive guide available to writing powerful sales copy that sells, a key success skill in any business.
Our latest product launch, Instant Social Traffic Formula, due for release in June 2009, reveals trail-blazing techniques and closely guarded social networking traffic secrets that will take you to Google page 1 listings overnight.

The APD health division promotes a series of wellbeing products including a series of instructive DVDs on learning to massage (www.learn-2-massage.com). Learn To Massage shows you how to become expert in full body, facial and Indian head massage techniques for fun and profit in the shortest possible amount of time. Shape up and keep fit with just 3 short workouts a week with our Three Day Workout DVD (www.3dayworkoutsystem.com) and get the body of your dreams with our ultimate abs workout (www.abs-workout-system.com).

Our fulfilment division shows you how to get more enjoyment from both your work and leisure time. The Love Your Job website (www.love-ur-job.com) equips you with invaluable career-building skills that can get you that job you really really want. Before turning to Internet marketing more than three years ago, APD’s founder Derek Armson worked in recruitment for 21 years. Love Your Job condenses the in depth knowledge and expertise he gained in the recruitment industry during that time.

And Love Your Dog (http://www.love-ur-dog.com/) is a huge resource to help you look after, train and protect your dog to ensure many happy years of unfailing love and companionship!

Find out more today on how we can help you get to where you want to go: