APEX professionally managed by eminent educationist and professionals from various walks of life. APEX is a leading as an ISO certified group with network of 350 hi-tech Associate Institutes. The APEX has scaled new heights with the combined force of innovation, adaptation of new technology and the collective skills of its 150 strong, committed workforce. APEX operates eight strategic business units that are part of  three main lines of businesses [LOB’s]:

Education, Training and Assessment
IT Services and Consultancy

The Management at APEX brings in the expertise of successfully running an educational instutuitions, a renowned private education conglomerate. Fortunate to be led by some of the best minds from the fields of Education and Technology, APEX is poised to play a vital role in providing an important platform for organizations in the field of distance education & skill development.

Our management team is focused on defining this ultimate personal and corporate commitment. The team shares many honourable values and is committed to our deepest understanding - that education and technology empowers people. It has the ability to dramatically improve and change lives. It adds value everywhere and to everyone engaged in the process. People are our most valuable asset. We are building a organization dedicated to these people, our established values, and our vision. We are building by providing an opportunity for every team member to contribute and excel, for every customer to achieve their goals, for our community to see us as valuable and contributing.

As APEX contributes to India’s growth, it has also set in place a global expansion plan in order to become one of the most prestigious and dynamic business groups of the country. The future is studded with challenges and APEX is taking them on with vigor and courage.

At APEX, each company continues to practice good Corporate Governance. Running our business in a responsible way is fundamental to our success and inseparable from our strategic priorities.

Responsibility is vital in all parts of our business and we understand the need to be open about how we are operating. The Group’s corporate philosophy envisages that transparency is a key factor in building trust with our stakeholders and have implemented a number of initiatives to improve the transparency of our activities.

Our Vision
The APEX story began with a simple vision -To be a globally admired organization that makes the lives easier of all stakeholders through education, technology and business development. This vision was driven by APEX’s commitment to customer, quality and excellence, and while doing so, maintaining the highest standards of ethics and societal responsibilities. APEX believes that the fastest way to turn that dream into a reality is by remaining focused on that vision.

Our Mission
APEX’s mission is to supply outstanding service and solutions through dedication and excellence. We will continually communicate with, and learn from our Customers, in order to improve our products and services.

Our values are the basis for all of our decisions and actions. They are:
Learning and growth is central to people’s effectiveness;
Human decency is the basis for all of our relationships;
Pride of workmanship must be present in everything we do;
Challenging work maintains motivation and growth of our people;
Creating value for our clients and other stakeholders sustains our enterprise.