I have been appraising antiques and collectibles and 'Old Stuff' on a regular basis for other people since 1995.
 In 1996 I started selling on behalf of Antique Dealers and local people on Ebay, mostly items that were of Eastern origin or items way out of context and likely to be sitting on a shelf in a shop till exactly the right person walks in, and that can take years.
 So, to shorten their turnover time I started taking consignments and taking the items to the buyers through ebay, and it worked well. The exchange rate then was about 40%, so everyone was really happy with the outcome!

 In May of 1995 I started going to the Christie's Outdoor Classic Antique Show in Ontario, I've been buying and selling there every year since.
I do about 6 shows per year, some big and some small.
Some collectible shows, some Antiques shows, Military/Gun and Paper/Ephemera shows.
What this means is that I Know The Collectors and the Market, if there is a market for something....I can find out what it is worth on your behalf.

 Since I was doing appraisals anyway ........I took the next step and made it official.
In Feb. of 2010 I flew East and took an Accreditation Course for  Appraisers. Look them up online at the 'Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group' or CPPAG

There are three basic types, Fair Market Value, Liquidation Value and Replacement Value.

 Choose the type of appraisal you feel you will need, the appraiser to do that job and go from there. Personal Property Appraisers can and do evaluate almost everything Except Real Estate.
Although some appraisers are accredited for both real estate and personal property usually it is two different things entirely.

 I live on Vancouver Island and have collected 'most things old' for over 40 years.
My companion site has a small bit of my collection shown by category - oldstuff.ca
More will be shown as I get the time to photograph it and upload those photos.

I personally know most of the craziest (some call them dedicated) collectors of the weirdest things imaginable, nothing you have will offend me, surprise me, or send me running to the authorities, you just need to know what it is, what to do with it or where to get rid of it............I know the legalities.......and can sort it out  for you.

A lot of items that were considered normal to own even in the 1970's are now banned from International Sale, so be sure to check with someone knowledgeable before you decide to list that item online by yourself....or in the local buy/sell/trade.....doing that could cause you major grief.
Just give me a quick email with the details and we can go from there.