Please contact us at info@apsx.com today. One of our RFID applications is the Keyless RFID Ignition Switch for ATVs, Side by Side UTVs and utility vehicles. See at yesNOkeys.com.

What do we do

APSX designs and manufactures advanced productivity solutions such as RFID, radio control, GPRS and automotive technologies. The product portfolio includes RFID Readers/Writers, keyless ignition, wideband AFR controller and other electronics and software applications.


1 - COST: We provide true value (compare what you get and what you pay with other companies)

2 - TIME: We have all RFID design, manufacturing and software experiences which are hard to find ALL in only one company

3 - QUALITY: Compare the performance of our RFID Reader/Writers to our competitors. You will never find a coverage of product portfolio for size (space) and read/write range (distance)

APSX, LLC. is a privately held company in Cincinnati, OH, exclusively focused on providing advanced productivity solutions in multiple industries. By developing simple and cost effective RFID solutions , our clients enjoy enhanced performance.

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Target Applications:

Hobbyist Applications - Robotics
Academic Research Applications
Cashless Payment
Access control
Time & Attendance
Data Collection
Membership Solutions