Designed to help high school physics students and introductory college physics students succeed, APlusPhysics is a free online physics resource that focuses on problem solving, understanding, and real-world applications in the context of introductory physics courses such as NY Regents Physics, Honors Physics, and AP Physics B and C courses.

We cover key topics of introductory physics courses, and demonstrate how the principles and applications of introductory physics extend outside the classroom through:

   Courses - physics tutorials targeted toward specific high school physics courses such as NY Regents Physics, Honors Physics, and AP Physics with sample problems, videos, course notes, and interactive tests. More detailed instruction can be obtained through the APlusPhysics: Regents Physics Essentials book.
   Projects – hands-on applications of physics principles to build skills, understanding and confidence.
   Forums – an integrated community forum providing students and instructors a haven to discuss and debate current topics in physics; seek out and provide help with challenging high school physics problems; build a better understanding of key concepts; and explore current research and frontiers in physics.
   Podcasts - by students, for students, the Physics In Action podcast interviews best-selling authors, explores key concepts, and demonstrates real life implementation of physics principles.
   Educators - resources and activities for physics teachers including forensic labs, WebQuests, an educator-only discussion forum and the Semiconductor Technology Enrichment Program.
   Blogs - individual and group blogs for students and instructors, providing further opportunities to reflect on concepts and applications while fostering our physics learning community, as well as the Physics In Flux blog which explores redefining the traditional high school physics classroom.

All of these tools are here to help you succeed, but you are the most important tool in your arsenal! We invite you to jump in, explore and provide us with your feedback – what you like, what you don’t, what else you’d like to see.

Not sure where to start? Check out our tutorials and video lessons in the courses modules, then visit the physics discussion forum to introduce yourself, get homework help, and interact with other students. Or create your own physics-related blog - you can connect with totally cool, physics-loving students and subject matter experts, ask the questions you've always wanted answered, and even share videos that highlight physics concepts!

For Educators - APlusPhysics.com provides labs, discussion forum and blog hosting, student activities and resources, and the Semiconductor Technology Enrichment Program (STEP). Just let us know how we can best support your needs.

Thanks for stopping by! We welcome your feedback and hope you’ll join us as an active participant in our high school physics community.