TriCap Technology Group, LLC is a high-growth financial technology company founded in late 2005 to transform the US debt and receivables sector into a more fully articulated liquid market place. With over $10 billion in listings, TriCap's keystone and patented platform, ARxChange is the nation's largest and most robust marketplace for medical debt and receivables in the US.

ARxChange provides hospitals with an avenue to secured guaranteed payment and performance terms on their receivables. The system organizes receivables in a central repository, corrects inaccurate demographic information, scores each account, and then allows hospitals to redeem or “clear” all or selected receivables for their current cash value, all under compliant and safeguarded servicing terms.

TriCap holds the patents and intellectual property rights on the most essential processes used throughout the US receivables and debt markets to organize, rank, score, value and trade accounts, including health care.