Created in 2018, ATS Slayer, LLC. is focused on one goal, to make getting a job as easy as possible.   The ATS Slayer™ platform allows users to build job description based resumes in minutes, not hours, or even days!  You are part of the 98% that did not make it to the next step, and you know you are part of the 2%, but just need to play by the new rules.  Do you have the most-used keywords and phrases used in the proper context?  ATS Slayer™ helps with all of these issues and is ready to help you once you get the call from the potential employer with JobPrepper®.

ATS Slayer, LLC is changing the way people find jobs. The company’s use of cutting-edge AI technology and advanced algorithms helps to ensure you are producing your best resume for that particular job description.  This is the same approach that employers and recruiters use, to filter applicants with the ATS process.  ATS Slayer™ levels the playing field.  In addition, ATS Slayer™ ensures human readability and gives you help after you get past the ATS process with the unique feature of JobPrepper®.   Don’t waste time tailoring your resume by hand for each job description, use ATS Slayer™ and save time and get the job!  For more insights into ATS Slayer™ visit https://atsslayer.com.  Follow ATS Slayer™ on your favorite social platform for the latest information.