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ATS has been providing a vast selection of storage containers and shipping containers for sale and rental since 1992. Several of our steel containers are offered as new, used or modified. Our products and customer service are of the highest quality and your satisfaction is our priority! Safe, practical and economical our storage containers are designed for a multitude of uses and can easily be modified for many creative storage uses.

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Ask about our new mobile office containers
Our mobile office container offers a level of flexibility never seen before in the office container industry. With our 20’ modular office container, ATS can create any space dimensions you are looking for. Our mobile offices are the practical solution because they provide ground-level access, ideal for construction sites. Gone are the days of complicated leveling jacks and costly stair rentals associated with office trailers!! Click here for more info.

Shipping Containers for Sale

As manufacturers of shipping containers and storage containers, we put a premium on quality and reliability. Performing extensive container research at our Toronto facility on how our clients use our products allowed us to examine and adapt our products to meet their needs. We also set out to design a variety of formats and specialized items, like our mobile office offered. The new mobile office container provides a flexibility that is unprecedented in the container industry. With its new 20’ modular unit, ATS can set up office space wherever you require.

Our new and used containers can be purchased or leased, depending on your needs.  We provide used shipping containers for sale in the following cities Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Quebec, Ottawa and Winnipeg.

Shipping Container Homes

Interested in building a container home, we can help! We work with several construction and design firms that specialize in building modular structures with our containers.  ATS can provide all the required off site modifications for your shipping container housing project to ensure fast and efficient on site assembly. Container homes are becoming very popular around the globe as people begin to realize the many advantages they have over traditional methods.

Containers modification

Along with manufacturing storage containers, we also offer custom container modification to your specifications. Whether it’s windows, electricity, insulation or heating, we can easily help you complete your project. Take a look at the types of modifications we can perform. Modifications are performed at our Toronto and Montreal container facilities.

Container terminal

We provide container depot services in Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec. With daily logs that record entries and exits, we provide practical, efficient service. We are proud of our reputation which reflects our courtesy, reliability and industry know-how.

You’re in good hands with ATS Containers.