AU MIN AFRICA a fully registered company under the jurisdiction of the Republic of South Africa, is a Foreign Issuer publicly trading in the U.S.A. (Ticker  Stock Symbol: GRYEF Cusip # S3141A 101)) with solid experience in the mining of Precious Metals : Gold,  Silver, Platinum, Copper;  Precious Gems:  Diamond, Amethyst, Emeralds and Precious Metals & Minerals.  
     The Company is focused in the extensive sales and distributions of Gold Dore bars, Gold Au Bullion Hallmarked and Fully Certified, plus working on the mining mobilization, exploration, development, processing, refining, production and trading of these precious commodities: gold, silver, platinum (unrefined, refined), from small to medium to large scale mining operations with the re-development of existing and abandoned mining sites ergo converting these sites into profitable income-generating mining enterprise in most of the African Nations.


      AU MIN AFRICA is surging and fast tracking the Gold Bars of AU (Aurum Utalium) Gold Selling Business strategy to provide an added and immediate income-generating resource for AU MIN AFRICA, earning between 10% to 30% or more Net-Profit Sharing Commissions of the sold pure gold or diamond sold in the market as direct wholesaler. This business strategy will be another source of income for the Company to generate the Added-Value Net Profit Revenue starting Fiscal Year 2016 and the years to come. This was the end result of the Company’s very unique, amicable and strong strategic alliances with several African Nations’ Gold's Local Village Miners producing gold in parallel with the Company's direct working alliance with the Gold Refineries, thereby providing the immediate Company's profitability, enhanced capitalization and mobilization for future acquisitions and expansions leading to AU MIN AFRICA’s future success and enhanced increased Shareholders' Equity Value!

      AU MIN AFRICA's primary business objective is to take its current business plan by immediately procuring revenues through the sales of these precious commodities: Gold, Diamond and Gems and the trading particularly on the sale of the Gold Bars and Gold Bullion Metals.

      AU MIN AFRICA's main goal is to become one of the leading African Gold and Diamond Gems Wholesaler, Producer & Distributor which applies western standards of production and management. The Company envisaged the production sales level of over 1.4 tons per annum and more to be successfully achieved within the next coming 12 to 24 months and the years, thereafter.

     AU MIN AFRICA filed a "Special Gold Buyer's Export Permit" with the Republic of Cameroon good for 5 years & renewable; is the "Key" and unique to the world by providing endless supplies of gold to serve as "The Direct Gold and Commodities Clearing House Wholesaler and Distributor"  for all those who are in search of the most sought after glittering gold and diamond commodities!

    AU MIN AFRICA enhanced its exposure to the Global World Gold-Diamond-Gems' Commodities world market. The Company is focused on lifting each month at least One (1) metric ton to five (5) metric tons of Gold Dore Bars (unrefined and refined) shipped directly to all its buyers choice of destination originating from the Company's Gold-Mineral Rich African Producing Nations, the  Exclusive Partner and Ally in this profitable Gold Trading Industry.  

   AU MIN AFRICA already secured long term Gold-Diamond and other Commodities Preferred Buyers in parallel with the Company's long term Alliances with its Direct Gold Rich African Gold Suppliers/Producers/Sellers.                                                                                            

  The main objective is to become the Leading Precious Metals and Precious Gems Producer/Distributor in the world, utilizing state-of-the-art mining technologies to achieve the highest efficiency while preserving the environment and protecting its work force and people.
1). to be the "World's Leading Gold Diamond Seller and Distributor" as a very lucrative and profitable business endeavors. &
2). to produce the best Return on Investment (ROI).
    a). to become one of the market leaders in the mining industry by using an environmentally-friendly alternative methods of refining and purifying Gold and other precious metals with regards to engineering, design, construction and operation;
    b). to introduce a state-of-the-art mining technology that can recover gold up to 99.9999% of pure GOLD for over 35 years thereafter;
    c). AU MIN AFRICA is committed to contribute to the economic and social prosperity of the African people and its host community; and d). more importantly in the recovery of abundant supply of the most sought GOLD commodity and of precious gems like Diamond, Amethyst, Emeralds plus recovery of all other precious minerals.