8th intl  exhibition & conference,Mumbai,India.
23 Sept to 26th Sept 2013
Hall no 1, Mumbai

Much has changed since Automation 2012. Especially, with the great economic slowdown that the world witnessed since, this recovery is that time when companies count on their clients to ensure a boost in sales. It is that time of the upturn when trade fairs can aid the attempt to reconnect with the clients. And, what can be a better platform for a company to bring together its patrons than Automation 2013! Yes, we’re back! Come September, India's numero uno, annual  automation exhibition will once again present the newest innovations in technology and the solutions for industry segments such as Refining, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Polyester, Power, Life Sciences, Food and Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Steel and Mining, Terminal automation, Tank farm automation, Retail Outlet Automation and other process industries.
Automation 2013 is committed to addressing the issues of process control in industries for superior management and efficient plant infrastructure. Automation 2013 brings the highest level of strategic industrial content, demonstrations odd latest products and technical workshops to outline the trend of the available and emerging technologies that can help provide solutions for industries.
The Indian consumer is still someone who wants to see physically see, feel and touch what you want him to buy. And, Automation 2013 facilitates such real business deals, thus laying a renewed emphasis on the importance of establishing a direct contact with clients. Automation 2013 understands the necessity of showcasing your products to your clients. Even in this age of digital contacts, nothing can replace the quality of a one-to-one business interaction, where you can answer your clients’ questions, finalize new deals, win the confidence of potential clients and nurture existing customer relationships.

The significant features:

Automation 2013 will keep you a step ahead of your competition.

1.     Customer relationships:

Your loyal patrons form the pillars of your company's financial security in an economic predicament. These customer relations need to be regularly nurtured. Automation 2013 brings along an effective medium to touch base with your patrons.

2.     New customers:

Automation 2013 is a perfect platform to generate a completely new customer base and enhance the business potential.

3.     Explore new markets:

Automation 2013 gives you an insight into new avenues to expand your business, with participants and business interests from across the country coming together.

4.     Image Building:

This is one fair which gives you complete freedom to build your own brand and enhance your recall value. With attractive and well-organized exhibition stands, your PR activities can certainly draw potential clients. Your participation in Automation 2013, in itself, will project your company as an active, outgoing and proactive that wishes to meet its customers. Come, enhance your corporate image!

5.     Show your products!

Automation 2013 provides that platform for you to present your best technologies to your prospective buyers and accentuate the constructive and enduring consequences with a direct contact with visitors at the exhibition. In fact, it is one opportunity that allows you to sign new deals at the exhibition itself.

6.     Peek-a-boo at the competition!

Don’t forget that participation in Automation 2013 is not just an opportunity for you to put on view what you have to offer. It also helps you gauge comprehensively what your rivals are up to. Automation 2013 is an indicator of the present trends in your industrial sector. It is only by participation that you will have access to such beneficial information – understandings that will enable you make your daily business much stronger.

Automation 2013 is that knock on the door, which you ought to answer! With all the excitement that will drive innovation, foster business fraternities and encourage passing of knowledge – this is one event of the year, you cannot miss! Be there and feel the excitement of being in the thick of technology!

Our Journey with you:
It was in 2002, that Mr. M. Arokiaswamy, Managing Director of IED Communications recognized the potential of putting up an automation show in India. The absence of one meant that buyers were forced to visit shows abroad, while the manufacturers in the country mulled over ways to boost their sales. Today, the Indian Automation Industry has equaled the global standards and demands for process control technologies and automation is not a thing of the past. With much appreciated support from the esteemed Board of Governors at IED, our Automation exhibitions have been successful in igniting the industry’s passion for growth and improvement.