AV-Base Systems Inc. developed and supports aviation solutions that work in the real world of purchasing, inventory control, production, maintenance forecasting, cost accounting, and invoicing processes. WinAir is recognized as the most cost-efficient, easy-to-use, structurally integrated maintenance and inventory control software system in the aviation industry.

WinAir is recognized as the most cost-efficient, easy-to-use, structurally integrated maintenance and inventory control software system in the aviation industry.

Each WinAir edition is designed with the same work flow standards, but is aimed at operators with varying needs. Fixed and rotary wing operators can upgrade between editions, select additional modules for increased functionality and request customization based on their varying needs.

WinAir improves overall work flow by establishing clear guidelines and processes and offers aircraft operators several benefits:  

* Structurally integrated: WinAir is a structurally integrated maintenance and inventory control system, which reduces software costs and eliminates duplicate data entry.

* Cost-efficient: WinAir replaces multiple software systems with one integrated system and has a subscription program for low up-front costs, stable monthly payments, and no annual renewal fees.  

* Streamlined Procedures: WinAir has thousands of built-in procedural controls to assist operators in improving the overall safety and efficiency of their maintenance and inventory processes.

* Centralized Data: WinAir stores an unlimited amount of historical data for quick viewing and extensive reporting options.

* Improved Aircraft Dispatch and Reliability: WinAir assists operators in improving aircraft dispatch and reliability statistics.

* Easier regulatory audits: WinAir has passed audit tests on numerous occasions; some Regulatory agencies have even recommended WinAir to operators.

* Pinpointed Costs: WinAir manages inventory requirements with specific costs, rather than cost averaged.

* Easy-to-use: WinAir is designed with user-friendly windows functionality, including pop-up menus and right-click options.

* Retained in-house knowledge: WinAir provides a method for collecting, sharing and retaining knowledge accumulated by personnel, retaining it forever.

* Return on Investment: By implementing WinAir, you are sure to see a positive Return on Investment (ROI):
    * Increased maintenance program efficiency
    * Less likelihood of retaining expired parts
    * Decreased lost/misidentified parts
    * Reduced AOG costs
    * Increased aircraft availability
    * Detailed Cost Reporting with specific costs
    * Inventory usage, and Min/Max control
    * Cradle to grave parts traceability
    * Efficient tracking of repairs, calibrated tools, and core returns
    * Compliance with government regulations

What our clients say:

"Starting with setting up an aircraft, to purchasing and traceability, to work orders, and through to invoicing, it effectively pulls together all the information you need for a project from aircraft arrival to departure"      Cathy Lanigan, Rapid Aircraft

"I’m ready to move ahead.  It’s hard to find anyone who has anything bad to say about you"     Rob McKinney, SeaPort Airlines

"WinAir's 'Parts History' feature is great for tracking the location of all our parts and components whether they are on an aircraft, in inventory or out for repair!"     Bill Osborn, OSF Aviation LLC