Founded in 1995, AVANTE International Technology, Inc. (AVANTE) is leader in technologies and solutions for train operational efficiency and safety systems and solutions, accurate and auditable election systems, real-time intermodal container security tracking and locating solution, personnel and asset security. AVANTE has its Headquarters in Princeton Junction, New Jersey. AVANTE also has operation in Hong Kong/Shenzhen China, Philippines, Tanzania and Nigeria in Africa.  
The following are some of the AVANTE systems and services that have been deployed in various part of the world:
1.     Electronic Cargo Tracking System (e-seal for container and transport tracking)
2.     Train cargo management system with real-time visibility
3.     Hotel panic button system for service workers’ protection
4.     Staff access control management system
5.     Staff real-time locating and protection system
6.     Tradeshow and event registration and management system with optional RFID event and session attendance tracking
7.     Arts and valuable assets security monitoring system
8.     Biometric voter registration and verification system
9.     Biometric banking registration and verification system
10.     Paper ballot voting system with ballot image audit trail
11.     Direct Recording Electronic Voting System with paper audit trail