The Mission of AWARE is to foster cooperative relationships among animal welfare organizations and to improve the lives of companion animals throughout the State of Wisconsin through  Adoption, Wellness, Advocacy, Rescue, and Education.

Founded in 2002, The Alliance of Wisconsin Animal Rehoming Efforts has been uniting Humane Societies and Rescue organizations to make a difference for homeless animals in the State of Wisconsin. AWARE was formed when a group of leaders in the animal welfare community met to discuss how to promote positive relationships in the animal welfare community. AWARE’s membership is comprised of leaders in both the shelter and rescue community.

Recognizing that these groups were already working hard to improve the lives of companion animals in Wisconsin, AWARE sought to provide a forum which would promote networking and build partnerships between these two groups which would further strengthen the effectiveness of each. Invites were sent to leaders in the animal welfare community and AWARE was eventually formed. Communication between groups exists mainly in an on line forum, however, conferences and events help to unite the groups on a regular basis.