AW Media Group is a public relations and branding agency representing a new wave of hospitality, fashion, and lifestyle accounts. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry, expansive network of influencer and media contacts combined with a knack for creativity enables us to execute attention-grabbing media campaigns and consumer engagement strategies that reflect our clients’ distinct needs, personality, and culture.

Since launching in 2006, we pride ourselves on our ability to launch, establish, grow, and reposition brands. From successfully staging buzz-worthy events to working with publicists and agents to get our client’s product into the hands of relevant names, AW Media Group’s team of buzz-builders help our clients establish a voice, build positive brand awareness, and achieve a cohesive brand message.

Our Clients…Our Culture…Our clients represent our culture. Therefore, we partner ourselves with celebrities and key influencers that support our clients’ style, values, philosophies, and trendsetting attitudes. By fusing our fashion, hospitality, and lifestyle divisions, we bridge the gap between market(s) and enhance the value for all our clients.