AXT is the leading Australian supplier of analytical and sample preparation equipment providing solutions for science and industry. Their product range serves industries such as mining, minerals exploration, life sciences, materials science, semiconductors, automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, nanomaterials, advanced materials, metallurgy, academic research, forensic science, medical, non-destructive testing (NDT) and coal.

AXT’s product range includes:

• SEM, FE-SEM and FIB (Ga and Xe Plasma) from Tescan
• XRD & XRF systems from Rigaku
• Protein crystalography and crystallisation automation from Rigaku
• 3D digital microscopes from Hirox
• Raman microscopes from Nanophoton
• Computed tomography (CT) imaging systems from TESCAN XRE & Yxlon
• Sample mills, crushers and mixers from Orbis and Spex
• Electrical fusion equipment from Katanax
• High voltage pulse power products from Selfrag
• Liquid handling systems, biobanking, sample management and cell imaging systems from TTP Labtech
• Flat panel x-ray detectors from Varex
• Proteomics and genomics instrumentation from Unchained Labs
• Biobanking and sample management software from Openspecimen
• Preclinical MRI systems from MR Solutions
• FLECT imaging systems from Trifoil Imaging
• Optical tweezer platforms from Lumicks
• Holotomographic live cell imaging microscopes from Nanolive
• Super resolution single molecule microscopes for Oxford Nanoimaging
• Radiographic NDT systems from Yxlon and Rigaku
• In situ TEM platforms from DENSsolutions

AXT also manufacture x-ray tubes for all major x-ray analysis brands such as PANalytical, Bruker, ARL, Rigaku, Spectro, Oxford and Shimadzu. These are supplied to clients all over the world.

AXT also provide servicing for all brands of XRD and XRF equipment in the Australian and New Zealand region.