The proposed feature film, entitled “A Dance for Me” (the “Picture”) is a contemporary drama, inspired by a true and deeply personal story involving the death of the director and producer, Robin Murray’s own young son, Gavin, who at the age of two came down with cancer and later passed away.

The story of our film follows a mother, a professional choreographer, who comes to terms with the loss of her son to cancer by creating a new dance in China. The film celebrates the universal power of human nature to triumph over adversities and is a tribute to those who have lost a child. The story and the screenplay are owned and written by Wild Horses Productions.

The film will use both Chinese and American talent (actors, dancers, and filmmakers) and will utilize the photographic splendor of Southern China and Western Montana.

The total production budget for the Picture is $2.3 million of which the Company is responsible for $1.3 million. The remaining $1 million of the production budget is being contributed by Gravity Pictures in exchange for the Asian distribution rights.