A&A Midwest is a comprehensive source for cores, recycling and auto wrecking services.   The company also offers engine and transmission hard parts under its EngineQuest and TransmissionQuest divisions. With locations in Chicago and Las Vegas, A&A Midwest has been family owned and operated since 1949 and continues to be known for its outstanding customer service and high degree of integrity. A&A Midwest is one of the largest scrap metal recyclers on the West Coast. The company also operates an auto recycling facility in Blue Island, Ill. For more information, visit www.aamidwest.com

A&A Midwest is the company's corporate name and will utilize the website address www.aamidwest.com.  The company's five distinct divisions are:

•     Cores: A&A Midwest Cores
•     Recycling: A&A Midwest Recycling
•     Auto Wrecking: A&A Midwest Auto Wrecking
•     EngineQuest: EQ – EngineQuest
•     TransmissionQuest: TQ – TransmissionQuest

Formerly AAEQ, the company was rebranded to A&A Midwest in 2012.

Scott Stolberg, president and CEO of AAEQ Manufacturers and Recyclers  announced that the company has changed its corporate name to A&A Midwest® effective January 1, 2012. The company's cores, recycling and auto wrecking divisions will utilize the new corporate name and be respectively known as A&A Midwest Cores, A&A Midwest Recycling and A&A Midwest Auto Wrecking. The company's two divisions for engine parts and transmission parts will continue as EngineQuest (EQ) and TransmissionQuest (TQ).

"My father and uncle started the company in 1949 as A&A Midwest, signifying their two first names, Aaron and Alex, and Midwest identified their location in Chicago," explained Stolberg. "As the business grew and diversified, we changed our corporate name to AAEQ but kept A&A Midwest for our cores business. A lot of customers were confused by our different names and didn't know what to call us. We believe our new structure and corporate name is a better way to organize our business and returns us to our historic roots while identifying our five distinct divisions."