Working as part of your senior management team

Unlike most marketing companies, we work with your senior team as your virtual  "Marketing Director" and focus on strategy, planning, implementation and measurement to build a controlled and effective marketing programme. This delivers improved results year after year and means more customers, more sales and, most importantly, more profit. We also make sure that the people in your business with responsibility for marketing are trained and supported.

Excellent implementation delivers results

Executing a good plan on time, in full, within budget and with measured results may sound easy, but rarely turns out that way.  Whether it be competing priorities, external suppliers, in-house experience or just not enough people, there are often good reasons why things don't go according to the plan. Our commitment to achieving results for our clients has led us to develop a range of services that can help get the job done.

Companies who have benefited from Aardvark’s advice range from start-up ventures to international companies with multi-million pound turnovers.