Abacus StageTech  is one of the leading manufacturers and installers of professional theatre curtains and large drapes. The company established in 1996 has grown into the most trusted brand for the made-to-measure front of house drapes.

Using the best theatre curtains is the most popular technique for transforming ordinary spaces into magnificent performance venues. However, finding the best supplier for high-quality curtains and drapes is not easy. Most venues out of the big cities have to do with poor quality fabrics which ruin their otherwise mercurial productions. This is a situation Abacus Stagetech has vowed to change.

The stage curtain supplier has been in the industry for over 20 years, but its new approach in curtain supplies is already making waves on the market.  Abacus StageTech has introduced an innovative stage curtain package which includes custom curtains and equipment supply, installation, and maintenance.

The curtain manufacturer has already created a reputation for high quality made to measure theatre and stage curtains over the years. The company's new approach aims at boosting its market reach by targeting emerging theatres across the country. For the first time, anyone who wants to stage a play or musical can create the perfect stage using high-quality stage curtains.

The curtain supplier has a wide range of products - the most popular being blackout curtains. The flame retardant fabrics used for their curtains enhance safety during performances. Their curtains also offer superior acoustic qualities by absorbing sound to prevent echoes.  For stage managers who always struggle to create the ideal space for their players, these acoustic curtains are a godsend.

"For the last 20 years, our team at Abacus has built strong relationships in the creative industry. We have always strived to offer the best solutions. However, we have always regretted the fact that many upcoming theatres still missed out on our products," the director said.

"This innovative complete curtains supply package is a game changer. Anyone who wants to stage a show, play, musical, or any other event can now do this professionally. We have invested heavily in a talented service team to support our packages, and we know this is one of the greatest moment for our company," he added.

Abacus Stagetech

Established in 1996 and operating out of workshops near Cambridge UK we  have a diverse range of curtain supplies, high-quality curtains and equipment suitable for clients across the UK.

The company has invested heavily in curtain designers, installers and cleaners.  They have reliable round-the-clock customer support. This has led to rave reviews and high customer ratings.