SUCCESS INDIA is an initiative into ‘holistic success, growth and development of the people’s potential for business and for self’ through personal growth education, motivational seminars and workshops, training interventions and entertainment.

With growing needs to have TALENT MANAGEMENT STRATEGY in this competitive business environment, to match up to the best in the World, it has become a challenge to bridge the human resource gap in terms of capabilities, retention and deployment.

With a vision to ‘empower mindsets’ and ‘celebrate human possibilities’ Success India Leadership Company, offers powerful solutions for extraordinary personal and business excellence as their key offerings, create human and potential development systems, talent management strategies, World Class Executive Coaching, Performance Coaching, Skills development and targeted development interventions.

SUCCESS INDIA is founded by Abha Maryada Banerjee

Abha Maryada Banerjee is India’s first woman motivational speaker of international acclaim, rated as one of the Top Ten Life, Business and Success Coaches in Asia Pacific. An expert at Leadership, Human Peak Performance and Emotional Intelligence, Abha has been the Peak Performance/Mental Strength Coach for Indian Olympic Athletes.Having spoken at prestigious forums across Asia, she has coached and consulted top CEOs, Media personalities, Sports Stars, Business people, leaders in the making and has been closely associated with the spiritual aspect of Leadership as well. Called ‘Asian Oprah’ and the ‘Asian Woman Motivator’, she professes ‘Personal Mastery’ for individuals and ‘Emotional Fitness’ for Corporates’ for achieving human capital excellence.

Author of the watershed super-manual on Leadership for Women, called NUCLEUS: Power Women lead from the Core, Abha has combined four different disciplines – Law, Leadership, Personal development and Universal Natural Laws to re-define Women’s Leadership. A diehard expressionist, humanist, humorist, thought leader, experience innovator and quasi mentalist, she found iconoclast connections between ideas from the world of law, universal laws of growth, leadership and personal development, to create the ‘Power Woman’ from the universal human perspective. With the undeniable background of gender issues across the World, NUCLEUS will lead women from ‘ordinary to effective’ and from ‘effective to excellent’, not as an academic treatise, but an ‘EXPERIENTIAL’ one.

Founder of a People Building Company called SUCCESS INDIA with extended works in Indonesia and Singapore, Abha’s‘vision and mission’ is to propagate a ‘Mental Freedom Movement’ aimed at Personal Leadership and enhancing Workplace Leadership. A Humanitarian Leader, Entrepreneur and Leadership Consultant, Abha is a lawyer by profession, having practiced business and enforcement law for over 10 years after which she set out to re-train herself in the field of human thought development. As she committed to her super powered vision of ‘Celebrating Human Possibilities’,her passion for people building and growth, led to exemplary discoveries and consequent achievements in the field of people’s development.

A ‘catalyst’ between knowledge and real life execution, Abha is gifted at creating ‘practical tools’ for human growth that ‘bridge the gap between theory and practical’. An ‘Educational Speaker’ and in her own words, she says, “I think I must a ‘growth’ activist or a ‘growth’ addict or a ‘growth’ obsessed humanist” or all of the above  Charismatic, passionate, driven, open, dynamic pack of energy and tons of courage, Abha is a strong lady with a lofty mind. In her mind, she says, is housed a very creative side which keeps her creatively engaged in theatre, acting, writing, poetry, calligraphy, sketching and food which is also her passion. She is the author of her bilingual Poetry compilation on Self Search and Motivation called MARYADA ‘In Rendition’.