Abirx  is a product-driven company that specializes in health and beauty. We are well aware that beauty is more than skin deep and that there is not a clear demarcation between health and beauty. We therefore put the same effort in R&D for our beauty and health portfolios. We are working, very diligently and are single-mindedly determined, to be a global leader in the health and beauty industries within ten years of our founding. To achieve this goal we have to operate more efficiently than other companies, using significantly less resources to accomplish significantly more in a relatively shorter time, while overly outpacing our competition with the quantity and quality of our innovations. We are on track.

We currently have several portfolios in our R&D pipeline as well as several market-ready brands. Our beauty portfolios comprise of products that are revolutionizing the beauty industry – brilliantly innovative products that do not require user education, such as Lift Bunny™ and Perky Crab™,  and that provide health benefits in addition to their use in beauty.  Our health portfolios are more valuable than those of major pharma companies, owing to our innovative ways of inventing potential drug candidates. The quality of our drug discovery portfolio is unparalleled. We have great drug candidates in several portfolios, including cardiovascular, neuroscience, and oncology.