AboutOne.com (http://www.aboutone.com) is an online family information management system; ONE place, accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device, where in just seconds busy moms can store, secure, and manage what matters most: precious memories (text, photos and videos) and household information (health, possessions, and education records, contacts and more). It was designed by moms for moms (and dads!) to help save time and money, and generally make life a little easier.

With just a few clicks, AboutOne stores your information with bank-level security. More than a digital filing cabinet, AboutOne does the thinking for you by automatically combining all your entries to save you time on everyday family admin activities like creating family newsletters, scrapbooks, hardcover photo albums, and creating greeting cards that mail themselves, or completing school forms, college applications, caregiver instructions, and tax returns. With AboutOne, you’ll also have the information you need, right at your fingertips, to make informed decisions and respond quickly to a medical or other emergency.

At AboutOne, our emphasis is on quick entry and intelligent use of information because no one wants to spend time on data entry.

AboutOne has been designed to eliminate piles of paper, multiple documents, spreadsheets, and files on various devices, and the frustration of not being able to find information when you need it. It addresses the fact that people do not want to spend time on record-keeping, yet they want to preserve memories and they MUST have access to household information.