Resurfacing has been around for over 40 years. Your bathub, tile, sink, and countertops can be refinished in less than a day, and will look and feel like they were just installed. Instead of tearing out and replacing your bathroom fixtures, resurfacing is done in place with no mess and very little down-time. Chips and cracks can be repaired like they were never there. Refinishing seals the grout lines, making it nearly impossible for mildew to attach.
Once the process is complete, your bathtub and tile will be smooth and shiny, and super easy to maintain.
Our standard colors are white, bone, bisque, grey and almond, but any color can be custom made at your request.
Serving the Tampa Bay tri-county area for 10 years, our quality of service is unmatched, and our reputation in the community is spotless.