About the Academy of Scuba
The Academy of Scuba is the leading standard for Scuba training.  Conceived from the notion that there is no benchmark for advanced level Scuba diver training, the Academy of Scuba endeavors to keep pushing the level of Scuba training higher and higher.

The Purpose of the Academy of Scuba
To serve as an industry leader for developing, marketing, implementing and reinforcing advanced level Scuba diver training programs. Our purpose is to not just put people in the water, but to keep people in the water. The Academy of Scuba will increase enjoyment, adventure and safety through increased education and more frequent dive experience.

Vision of the Academy of Scuba
To be known as the industry leader for providing the highest quality advanced level Scuba instruction and consistently delivering outstanding customer service and support to our students and customers. Set the standard for training excellence; be an industry trailblazer.

Academy of Scuba Mission Statement: Our Highest Priority
Our highest priority is always safety.  To never compromise student/customer safety in training. To honor industry standards while providing unparalleled experience in training and to strive for excellence in everything we do.  This mission is without compromise.

Short Term Goal for the Academy of Scuba
Deliver consistent, highest caliber instruction to adults and children in every class.

Long-Term Goal for the Academy of Scuba
To continually grow our curriculum to meet the needs of our customers.  Listen to our students and follow their needs, not our own.  To deliver the broadest and deepest educational system in the Scuba industry.

Academy of Scuba Credo

Practice exactly what we preach under the safest of conditions;

Affirm each others strengths and protect his/her weakness;

Treat others the way you desire to be treated;

Extend grace to those who are teachable;

Seek first to understand others, before trying to be understood;

Choose relationships over profits;

Think outside the box - always question status quo;

Praise in public, correct in Private