Makara & Associates, LLC, are your Certified Public Accountants in Naples & Fort Myers, specializing in small business accounting, corporate controllership, Quickbooks, tax planning and preparation of business and personal returns. Our goal is to educate you in total wealth planning, which includes cash flow planning, wealth and Social Security planning, business tax preparation, and Roth IRA conversions.

Our Philosophy & Objective

Provide quality service to each client based on our knowledge & specialization in each service rendered.

Our Commitment

Our firm is committed to education and cutting edge technologies to offer superior services to our clients. We believe through our training and experience we can offer clients a fresh prospective and practical view of their business operations and accounting systems.

Our clients represent nearly all facets of the economic chain. Through our service to these clients we have become identified with many fields and are recognized as providing quality and timely services. Regardless of the size, each client receives the same level of service and personal attention to detail that is critical to business success today.

We know as an entrepreneur, you engage an accounting firm to prepare compliance related documents, however we understand you have many other challenges in running your individual operations. Our services are designed to not only address your current individual business needs but also prepare your business for the ever changing complex business world of today.