At Accurate Rx Pharmacy we offer high quality home infusion services and medications to patients with chronic conditions throughout the United States.

"Exceptional care by choice, not by chance."

- Customized Care Team
Your team is deliberately chosen to meet your individualized needs. You can relax, knowing that we listen to you and supply your specific medicine supplies and safety equipment.

- Experienced Clinicians
You can count on round-the-clock availability of nationally recognized clinicians in pharmacy, nursing and social work.

- Dedicated Insurance Experts
You have access to our reimbursement specialists, with the expertise to work through the most complicated insurance issues and help you preserve your lifetime insurance caps.

- Support for Families
Your family will receive ample support, through the learning process with our outreach education to your community, parent mentors and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who is available for your consultation.

- Transition to Independence
You will be equipped with the assistance to live more independently, through our school and day care in-services, self-care training and healthy living programs which use specialty trained clinicians that include nurses, pharmacist and social workers.

- Commitment to Clinical Excellence
You will experience precisely developed care plans and protocols that simplify the complex needs for those with a chronic disease. We are always available to your health care providers, 24/7/365.