Acmelight Company is the Ukrainian producer of the unique paste GlassMat for the chemical etching (frosting) of glass, glassware and mirrors

This new unique technology allows to carry out the qualified personalization of any glass.

Glassware for hotels and restaurants, prestigious awards, design of shop showcases and mirrors, numbers on the car glasses and etc.
The liquid GlassMat is used for glass surfaces of uneven or round shape.
The paste GlassMat is of multiple usage, and non-toxic. The frosted surface has a fine-grained, silky surface.
The process of the frosting does not require an expensive equipment.
We also propose self-luminous paints and polishes AcmeLight for glass, metal, concrete, textile, fresh flowers, film ORACAL, plastics, cardboard and etc.
The particularity of our paints is their ability to lighten at the darkness without additional light source during 13 hours.
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AcmeLight Company


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