Act Out Talent Studio is the Dayton Division of EastGate Studios, INC of Indianapolis, IN and a 501C-(3) organization. Working with Screen and Voice Actors, Singers, Dancers, Models and Comics, our goal is to develop global leaders in the entertainment industry through holistic programming and compelling presentations.

Through our school partnerships, students from the Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton will have the opportunity to join the cast of our annual Elevate Experience Showcase, a unique multimedia presentation that blends various live and recorded mediums for actors, singers, dancers and models to perform and gain valuable set experience and professional show credits. Elevate blends pro performers with student performers and includes performance mediums like music video, comedy sketch, on air hosting, short film, fashion and commercial runway and performance art that you’ll just have to see to believe.

There’s a growing network of talent in Ohio since the signing of the production tax incentive, and Act Out Talent Studio is in business to be the nucleus of that network and to facilitate its continued growth. We provide top, industry-standard training, marketing tools, credit and experience building production opportunities as well as vital networking with the industry’s top career makers worldwide as well as the production community right here.

As a part of our network, clients and students will have the opportunity to network with representatives from Universal Studios, Heyman Talent, Wings Model Mgmt, Helen Walls Agency Indy, FFT Models New York, Abrams Artists New York, The Wallace Agency Los Angeles, Ford Models, Silver Model Mgmt, Alpha Tyler Casting, Paul Weber Casting, J Pervis Talent Atlanta/Los Angeles, BNA Talent Nashville, Bella Agency New York, Lesley Collis Casting and more! Get plugged in Now!