ActiveSide: Where Active People Post

The ActiveSide app is the result of a natural evolution of digital platforms created by some Las Vegas-based guys who love being active.

Back in 2007, Scott got into tennis, but – not to brag or anything – had trouble finding people able to play at his level, so he built Tennis Habitat, a match-making hub for tennis players in Vegas. With tennis players scouting each other out, it became obvious there was a much larger need for partnering up similarly-skilled players in the general sports world.

With expansion into other sports in mind, Scott led the creation of Playersync in 2009, which started as a website, then morphed into a mobile app, offering match-making for players based on location, sport, and skill level. It was a hit, even being featured in “New & Noteworthy” in iTunes.

By now Piotr had joined the team, and they realized that Playersync’s users didn’t want to just partner up with sports buddies for practice and games, they also wanted more social involvement with other people like them. They wanted a way to share experiences and tips. They wanted an app where they could talk about how amazing their morning run was, or how they used tips from a magazine article. And Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest just didn’t cut it.

With those challenges in mind, Scott and Piotr decided to create ActiveSide in 2012, which lets active people share what they’re already doing with a community of like-minded people. Finally, the right platform with the right audience: ActiveSide.