Actuality Media offers global experiential education opportunities for any university student or life-long learner who is interested in telling stories that matter. While studying the art and practice of documentary storytelling our crews highlight the work of changemakers around the world.

In each of our programs students travel to a foreign country and live in a developing community for the duration of production. On location our documentary instructors conduct regular briefings with students to acclimate them to the local culture and guide them in their production process. Throughout research, writing, shooting and editing, we emphasis visual character-driven storytelling.

The crews are taught to have clearly defined characters, conflict, stakes, arc and resolution which they discover and develop through ample research and planning time. Students learn to tell their story cinematically, relying more on visuals than talking heads. Once the films are completed they are premiered on location, final fixes are made and then the films are shared with the world through a multifaceted distribution campaign.