Adamus Media is a full service design, marketing and communications firm. Our creative & marketing services include:

• corporate ID and branding;
• copyrights, trademark searches, registration & patents;
• photography, copywriting and editing;
• web design, development and e-commerce;
• web and mobile apps development;
• public relations;
• event planning;
• interactive design, 2D and 3D animation;
• print design for collateral, marketing and sales materials;
• direct mail advertising;
• outdoor advertising;
• online marketing and more.

Meeting Clients’ Servicing Objectives
Organization and good communication are key factors when it comes to meeting clients’ servicing objectives.  Five things are extremely important to us:

• Honesty – even if the truth is hard to hear.  Let’s face it, you wouldn’t want us to tell you something you are working on is a great idea if it isn’t.  After all, that’s exactly what you are paying us to do – develop concepts that will help you get your desired results.

• On-time Delivery – quite simply, we will not sleep or eat until we make your deadlines.

• Quality – must be excellent.  We don’t want to produce anything we will not be proud of.

• Results – music to our ears and yours.  We want to see increased numbers for you. It means we can brag about how well we have done our jobs.

• Your Satisfaction – deadlines, budget limitations and unexpected obstacles at times can make things stressful.  Yes, we have experienced that before but we take pride in making things right.  No matter what, we are always prepared for the unexpected.

Agency Approach
We believe a successful communication plan should utilize tactics of integrated marketing and communications. Our communication plans are designed then to integrate multiple tactics of marketing, public relations and visual communication into your campaigns.

A dynamic public relations plan conditions your audience to receive advertising messages, while visual communication tactics strengthen recognition of your brand and reinforce your organization’s messages. Additionally, the use of clever marketing techniques and special events draw the crowds to see and experience it in person.

WBE Certified
Adamus Media has been certified by the New Jersey Commerce & Economic Growth Commission as a Woman Business Enterprise owned and controlled company. Certificate number: 50296-15.