What AdaptogenPlants.com is about:
Adaptogen plants (AP) is designed as a free-sourcing platform dedicated to Academic Researchers in nutrition, biology and alternative medicine but also for "healthy-food lovers" and "biohackers" motivated to deepen understanding and knowledge of the topic of adaptogen plants.

Learn everything about adaptogens:
The goal of the website is to educate on adaptogen plants and their herbal holistic intelligence. AP is in fact a full-immersion website: you will find explored within its pages, the major subjects on adaptogens and a dedicated library enriched with videos, recommended books,
influential institutes and topic-related links.

The first section will guide you into the amazing world of the adaptogen plants. It will give a complete explanation on these plants, starting from their history and ending with properties and characteristics. A complete overview on the potential of the adaptogens will guarantee you the access to a wide range of information and articles about stress and how stress impact on our body and, consequently, on our lives.

The last but not least section is “Adaptogens in everyday life”. Adaptogens are a great plus in our everyday life, capable of balancing our organism and regulating the homeostasis.

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AP features internationally recognized Authors, Doctors and Academics that inspired this work and who are still a precious source of inspiration for this virtual place.

We would love to receive contributions from Researchers, Journalists and Experts to expand the knowledge of this website!