Drug rehab marketing and drug rehab SEO requires being educated on website development, SEO backlink building and social media marketing. There are many steps in addiction treatment lead generation on the web. Not following critical area wastes a lot of the drug rehab marketing budget.

Behavioral Health Network Resources is a leading drug rehab marketing agency for addiction treatment centers across the United states. Our advertising that produces treatment calls addresses the competitive landscape. The substance abuse treatment industry has occurred many changes affecting lead generation. We get small addiction treatment centers ranked on page one of Google for key search terms in 60-90 days. This increases call by 100, 200, or even 1000%! We not only get their url ranked but other profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn and Psychology Today. Get 2, 3 and 4 page one listings for the same keywords!

Large rehabilitation centers and call centers are spending millions of dollars to push out their competitors. Their drug rehab marketing is a buy rehabs lead strategy. They're dominating with Legit Script certification and Google AdWords. The medium sized addiction treatment centers are trying to duplicate this drug rehab leads strategy. However, they quickly run out of PPC marketing funds.

The better way to beat the competition is with drug rehab SEO. Ranking on page one organically is more advantages. Consider this. Harmony Grove Recovery drug rehabs San Diego is a new center. They have limited funds and can not compete with  buy rehabs leads strategy. This inpatient drug rehab is only 1 year old.

They have effectively used drug rehab SEO to rank on page one of Google. They rank in the top 10 and are working on ranking in Google Maps. They understand that the organic slots get over 60% of page one clicks. This greatly outproduces Google AdWords and PPC. They one get about 2% of the clicks on the first page.

How did they get on page one of google? They took strategic measures with their drug rehab lead generation. First, they rebuilt their website. This ensured they have proper structure the google spiders can read. They look closely at:

- url's to ensure key word was included
- H-Tag audit
- ALT-Tag audit
- SERP description audit
- included inter site linking

One of the biggest factors of ranking is drug rehab marketing. The main url of each page should have the long-tail keyword placed inside. This is one of the first places Google spiders look when seeking to answer a question. They did this for the main services pages and their blog.

Then they proceeded to do an H-Tag audit. H-Tags are headers within a page on a website. It is like a sign post for ranking spiders. Each page requires one H1 tag and all the rest can be H-2 tags. Once they did this on every page of the website they went to the next step.

ALT-Tags are one of two headings for pictures on a website. The main picture description should be slightly different than the ALT descriptions. For instance, the main tag reads drug rehab marketing for lead generation. The ALT tag reads drug rehab marketing lead generation using SEO. This one of the most missed areas in drug rehab marketing by addiction treatment centers.

Once that was complete they went and checked every pages SERP description. Some drug rehab marketing agencies will say this does on effect drug rehab SEO rankings. However, a majority of time Google will use the exact SERP description that is inputted in these areas. The description should be an over view of the content with one keyword in included. Be sure to use LSI keywords to prevent over stuffing.

The last area they redid was the inter site linking. This is done by making sure every page has an incoming link from another page of its' website. This tells Google that you value your own content. This is important as it is you own free drug rehab SEO link juice.

After completing these drug rehab marketing tasks they were now ready for drug rehab SEO back link building. This is a difficult area for many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. They don't know how to get high ranking back links from the correct websites. There are several things that must be done for drug rehab SEO to work.

These are websites that tell Google you are a real and respected rehabilitation center. It's not enough just to open these accounts. You also have to make them robust. You need to upload pics, completely fill out descriptions, add social media links and much more. Some of these citation websites include:

- Alignable
- Yelp
- Crunchbase
- Owler

You have to stay focused and keep building good back links. Drug rehab leads are not a buy rehab leads strategy. You can't just pay for Google Ad Words anymore due to the extreme competition. You have to adopt an organic strategy.

Drug rehab marketing and drug rehab SEO requires specialized consultants. They know how to get ranked. Call Charles at 561-235-6195.