WOW! I am so excited about my new business. I have been spending so much time online doing my research and compiling my portfolio with back up material about my new MLM business. At first, I was not very sure about Arbonne and getting into this biz, but after going to a meeting and a few training sessions I am sure this is a great business opportunity for me and anyone else that don’t want to work for someone else for the rest of their lives. Also, I met real people that made it big in only 2 years in the biz. Of course, I will have to put into some hard work in it, but the pay off is so worth it.

1) The Company:

Arbonne International LLC was founded by Patter Mork in 1980.  They are a US-based company with a research center in Switzerland.  Their products are distributed throughout the US, Canada and Australia are are now global, operated through a network of independent consultants.  Originally started as a skin care company, they now carry personal care products and even some dietary supplements.

2) The Business and Compensation plan:

The Arbonne business opportunity appears to be very similar to many other MLM companies.  To become a distributor you pay a fee to purchase the introduction starter kit.  You then build your business through selling products and recruiting people to join your organization.  As with other MLM companies, you will most likely be recruiting friends and family and anyone else in your warm market.  Then you can also make cold calls to leads or conduct hotel or home meetings and presentations.