Today, customers rule. You can too. Use our hassle-free marketing tools to get more and keep them happy.

The Addwater Marketing agency has married human touch with online technologies, so that our small and mid-sized clients —and their customers —can enjoy the best of both.

Our online tools provide tracking on your online marketing programs, while your account rep works directly with you to make sure all marketing initiatives fit your needs, your business’s story, and your customer’s preferences.  

What we believe:

   * Small and mid-sized businesses are a lot more fun and interesting than large ones. Besides, the big ones already get plenty of attention!
   * For most businesses, everything is personal.
   * We’re a small self-funded business. We treat our clients the way we’d want to be treated, and price our services accordingly.
   * If we take good care of our clients they’ll return the favor.

Services we offer: Marketing planning, website updates and website design, email and direct marketing campaigns, online advertising, online marketing, social media planning, business snapshots, marketing snapshots, online monitoring and online client dashboards.

Additional services: advertising (print, online), brand strategy, collateral and catalog design, event marketing, graphic design, packaging, promotions and coupons, signage and video production.