Adevox is the external customers division of Twenty Advertising Group, a Romanian graphic and web design agency that has more than 5 years experience in providing IT dedicated solutions for clients who understand that communicating over the Internet means more than having a website.

Speed, attitude and niche were the three concepts that Twenty’s management had in mind when they decided to create Adevox. Hence, in December 2006, following 20, Take IT and TwentyMark (the other fellow brands), Adevox was released with full throttle, based on Twenty’s development platform, but with a whole different business concept and attitude, accordingly to its primary market requirements.

Here at Adevox we feel that, besides getting the job done in the most appropriate conditions, we also have a mission in fonding a special treatment for each and every client of ours: we never make them feel like they depend on us, although we are reliable if needed. We are professionals, no doubt about it. But so is everybody else! What sets us apart from the other providers is that we are also our clients’ best business partners, capable of guiding them gently throughout the whole development process.