Aditware announces a new release 2.1 - Aditway The End-User ad hoc query tool.

Webpage – www.aditware.com


Expect an immediate ROI.

Runs on most platforms.

No additional software to install.

One tool for many server types.

One time effort may require technical expertise. (Although tools are provided.)
Users are independent of IT.

Reduces IT demand, resulting in additional savings and increased productivity.

Reverse engineers databases.

Drag-n-drop capability reduces user effort.

Supports full/partial backup and restore capabilities of AditwayTM definitions.

Allows users to refer to fields with an “Alias” definition. (Output file contains Alias as header.)

Allows complex “What If” scenarios using “Built” fields.

Allows dynamic field values with “Independent” fields.

Create copies of images contained in the database along with links.

Creates commonly used XLS format for output files


Thank you for allowing me to elaborate on both my history and the development of my application.

My name is Brian Hetzel. I have been involved with computers since 1974. After working for multiple companies, it was brought to my attention that I would be better utilized as a consultant rather than an employee. I worked for many consulting agencies starting in 1982. My outlook for every project I was involved in was, and still is, “Do my tasks so well that I eliminate my involvement”.

I have always believed that the mother of invention is a obvious realization to a often unrecognized and often overlooked opportunity.

Applying this attitude toward my own industry, I came to the realization that it requires technical expertise to both place and retrieve data in a database. Thus limiting access to real time data from a end user perspective.

Currently, any and all data requests require technical involvement. This requires communication between the requester and the technician, which always loses some intent in the translation.

The user needs the ability to obtain their desired data on demand without knowledge of the database or programming.

It took 10 years to realize phase one of the project. All funding was provided by myself.


Aditway - Voice Recognition Database Access

Here are the phases identified to complete the entire project:

Phase one: (Completed)

Provide the ability to transfer technical knowledge concerning the database definitions (Server. Database Structures, Files, Fields and Nicknames) to the end user. Once defined, provide the ability to propagate definitions to multiple end users. Allowing the end user to access data with the use of nicknames. The application will derive the actual files and fields. This application supports the most commonly utilized server types. This is the nuts and bolts of the entire endeavor. Check out the demo available at www.aditware.com

Phase two:

Develop a Server version of the application that can utilize the Phase one definitions. The interface will utilize an atypical API interface. A thin client will need to be developed based on existing content found in Phase one. This client will anticipate and support requirements identified when Phase three is defined and developed. The nuts and bolts concerning database access was already defined in Phase one.

Phase three:

Develop voice recognition interface generating API interface with Phase two. This client should be supported on all possible interfaces. This client needs to result in both spreadsheet and voice interfaces.

Once Phase three is completed, the end user will have the ability to talk to and inquire their desired database.

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