Aditya today is a hallmark of quality & care. Care that is reflected in our vast spectrum of innovative and elegant Vacuum Flasks in Stainless Steel Body, Metal Body & Plastic Body, Thermo ware Products like Casseroles, Lunch Boxes, Ice Boxes & Water Storage Jugs, Plastic Products like Serving Trays, Air Tight Containers, Mugs & Glasses and Gift Sets like – Tea Sets, Coffee Sets, Cocktail & Whisky Sets etc. to name a few.

Aditya has recently started manufacturing Acrylic Items under "ACROSET" brand name like Dinner Sets, Serving Trays, Divided Plates & Table Top items like Coaster Sets, Ashtray & Pen Stands etc.
Aditya product range has been thoughtfully and aesthetically created to suit all occasions and every pocket, keeping in mind the utility & durability value of the products.

Keeping pace with the changing items & Globalization, Aditya has diversified into marketing of imported products like 1. Glassware, 2. Vacuum Flasks, 3. Non-Stick Cookware, 4. Decorative, Handmade & Hand Cut Glassware, 5. Melamine Crockery, 6. Porcelain Crockery, 7. Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks and is shortly going to add to its already impressive range - Electric Rice Cookers.

Now, Aditya represents world leaders like – 1. Pasabahce - Glassware, 2. F&D - High Quality Crystal Glassware, 3. Denizli - Handmade Crystal Glassware, 4. Elegenzia - Decorated Glasses, 5. Flora - Decorated Vases & Bowls (from Turkey), 6. Eternity - Non stick Cookware (from Turkey), 7. Marinex Tableware and Ovenware (from Brazil), 8. Imported Acroset - Acrylic Bathroom Accessories (from China), 9. Bio Hi Lock - Air Tight Bacterneria Free Containers (from Korea), 10. WoodStock - Porcelain, Bone China & Stone ware (from China),  & 11. Stainless Steel Flasks (from China)

It has been a passion with Aditya to add style, elegance and convenience to your life by manufacturing world-class products and making world’s top brands available at your doorstep by importing & distributing them in India.