Admissions Advice Online is comprised of a small group of highly trained and experienced Education Consultants. We are tasked with making the educational dreams for hundreds come true. We help students and their families craft academic pathways which allow students to obtain their educational objectives. Over the past 5 years, we have helped over 2200 students successfully gain admissions to the academic programs of their dreams. We firmly believe that education is of paramount importance and the doors of quality education should be available to all. Admissions Advice firmly believes in the power of higher education.  Obtaining a degree and/or an advanced degree not only makes one more competitive in the work-force, but also in life general. Furthermore, we believe that clients deserve the very best education possible. Finding the right program fit for the individual makes learning a more enjoyable experience. Our years of experience positively benefit our clients.

At Admissions Advice Online, we prepare our clients for admissions to top programs. We help our clients plan course selection, after and in school activities, summer enrichment programs, gain college credits, pre-mba bootcamps, standardized exam preparation, passion building and much more. We firmly believe that a holistic approach is best. Clients can select and customize their Admissions Advice Online experience from over 75 self-paced, instructor led courses. Counselor are always available for any advice or assistance a client may need. Our services also include: tutoring for SAT /ACT/GMAT and other standardized tests, essay brainstorming sessions, essay revisions, resume and activity sheet construction, and "brag sheets" for letters of recommendation.

We also offer the valuable application check, where clients present their entire application to us for final review. This allows our staff of professionals to review your application as a whole. We will then recommend changes that will greatly improve your chances for admissions. Throughout the process, we have the expertise to help our students and their parents with all of their concerns and there are many! But, most importantly, we prepare our students to look their very best so that they will gain admission to the college of their choice and ultimately be successful and happy during their undergraduate or graduate years.

The counselors here at Admissions Advice Online not only know how to get students into top programs because of what we have read and learned from the numerous consultations with admissions directors, but, more importantly, because we have all experienced the process first-hand as applicants. Our expertly crafted curriculum will help all students, those with poor or stellar gpa’s and those with low or astronomical test scores. There is always a way to overcome weaknesses and highlight strengths.  We invite you to read more about our service. Please take advantage of our free consultation to get a one on one assessment of how our programs can help you get accepted to a top program.