ATTWIN validates the vast experiences of adopted people (adoptees); balances the professional field of adoption; encourages global discussion; and, informs and empowers all family members separated by adoption. The advantages of an expanded bird's eye view and a deep dive into the industry include support from and for peers placed in similar situations and connection with fellow equal-rights advocates and activists. ATTWIN is a program of Against Child Trafficking in Europe, the USA, and India. Links to the forum can be found at adoptionhistory.org, adoptionland.org, adoptiontruth.org, and usa.againstchildtrafficking.org.

A list of recommended readings can be found in a collection called "Adoption Books for Adults" by Janine Vance (Myung Ja) on Amazon and other online retailers. Vance authored The Search for Mother Missing: A Peek Inside International Adoption, Americanized '72: A Generation-X Coming-of-Age (& Identity) Adoption Story and Adoption History: An Adoptee's Research.