Adriano-art is the online gallery of contemporary realistic artist Adriano Manocchia.
Born in New York, Adriano Manocchia received his Bachelors degree from Pace University in New York City. After graduating, he spent twelve years as a photojournalist traveling the world to cover news events. In 1984, Adriano turned his attention to fine art, adopting the painting techniques of the Old Masters and quickly received the attention of critics worldwide. A number of awards and special projects marked his recognition in the traditional art field as a foremost contemporary artist. Adriano’s work is in major private collections as well as prestigious galleries.
Through the years the technique and subject matter of his paintings have evolved. His earlier detail renditions of wildlife and angling scenes have given way to a more painterly style. Water with its sounds, colors, movements, had always awakened a deep response in him. Now it is the study of that water, always different, challenging, elusive, that inspires his creations.  One of the predominant responses to his paintings is that sense of peacefulness collectors feel while viewing them. The art collector appreciates the boldness of each brush stroke which, when joined by others, can capture the realism of the scene. Sunsets and sunrises have the more immediate impact for their dramatic effects, but peaceful scenes find their way in the hearts and minds of the viewers.
It is nostalgia, instead, which permeates Adriano’s still life paintings. He is not just a painter, but a story-teller that uses a paint brush to inspire emotions. An old creel, a bamboo rod, a creased photo, are all elements of a story which each collector can interpret and shape in his or her own way. It is a trip down memory lane where highly detailed and vibrant objects become intrinsic elements of those recollections, only to fade away along the edges in the dark background, just like fuzzy details of an old memory.