Here at A.C.T we believe in adding value to your business through quality training. Whether you want to learn how to boost your Google rankings yourself, or add new directions other than cold calling to your sales efforts that will see pre-qualified prospects calling and wanting to do business with you.

At A.C.T we love to see our clients succeed, so much so that once your course is complete we will give you email and telephone support for as long as you need it to ensure your success.

Our Guide To Boost Your Google Rankings course will give you fundamental skills and techniques that you can implement into your businesses website immediately and see it rise to the top of the Google rankings.

Our Intensive Business Development Skills course is designed to give you the relevant skills and techniques to help you on your way to becoming a super sales professional. We will give you a full understanding of the sales process, paying close attention to lead generation that not only will teach you essential telephone skills; but give you techniques that are designed and proven to get pre-qualified prospects ringing and wanting to do business with you. Learn how to properly qualify and close your leads to offer win/win solutions that will keep your clients wanting more. By the end of the day you will have a full marketing plan that you can implement into your own business that will start generating fantastic results.

 Who Should Attend The Course

      Business Owners
      Business Development Executives
      Internal Sales People
      Field Sales People
      Business to Business Sales Professionals
      Sales Professionals New to the Industry With Little or No Training
      Sales Professionals Who Would Like a Refresher and to Learn New Techniques
      Account Managers
      Business Development Managers

 What You Will Gain From The Course:

       Understand the difference between an average sales professional and a superstar
       Understand the sales process
       Essential Telephone skills that will ensure you stand out from everyone else
       More lead generation techniques that will get pre-qualified prospects ringing you
       Getting past “The Gatekeeper”
       Learn how to effectively qualify and establish a prospects needs
       How to prepare effective presentations and proposals
       Asking the right questions
       Build up that essential credibility and become an expert in your field
      Effective Follow up techniques
      Sales closing skills
      Effective referral techniques