Just imagine if you could offer all your landlords a year’s rent in advance?

Well, now you can! As an Advanced Rent Option member you will be one of an exclusive group of agents able to offer your landlords  a unique opportunity to receive their years rent in advance in one lump sum fully funded by us, now that’s putting our money where our mouth is!

It’s a competitive market out there and the ARO has proven to be a devastating weapon to win new landlord business, giving its members the edge over their competition. Licensed member agents can advertise and deliver a year’s rent upfront to their landlords, enabling them to attract and retain more landlords, which in turn helps them to build a larger, long-term portfolio.

A premier service

ARO Attracts the right kind of landlords who are more interested in peace of mind and convenience than a cheap fee. These landlords often already use an agent and choose ARO for its usefulness, practicality and as a simple way of accessing a lump sum that can be used for any purpose without borrowing or affecting their credit score.

A great conversation starter

Allows you to be different from your competitors

Provides peace of mind and security in an uncertain world

Has huge lead generation potential to grow your long-term portfolio

Helps you to fire up your social media marketing and activate your database

Future-proof your business with the Advanced Rent Option (ARO)

What’s included in the ARO Membership?

Support and expert advice

A license to market the ARO

Access to funds for ARO deals

White label marketing assets (ready for branding)

Help with promoting the ARO to your market via multi-channels, social media, email and print.

An ARO calculator tool for your website

Who qualifies for the ARO?

ARO membership is currently available to approximately 1% of agents and is subject to an application process. Preference is being given to small - medium independent market leaders with a track record of success, but any legitimate agent is invited to apply.

Any agent interested in winning new landlord business and having the edge over the competition really can’t afford to let this opportunity pass them by. If you would like the benefits of the ARO for your agency, complete this form to find out if you qualify for membership and your territory is still available.