Adventier specializes in Enterprise business process optimization using various ERP solutions. With an extensive product portfolio, Adventier is also quickly becoming a leader in Enterprise Application Security solutions. Today's business processes are complex, dynamic and collaborative. Adventier believes business process and security improvement goes hand in hand. Properly designed security is not only necessary--it's also a business enabler. By specializing in both business process optimization and enterprise application security solutions, Adventier can deliver exceptional value to our customers with higher quality and lower risk. Currently, Adventier offers the following security solutions to customers:

1. CodeProfiler: a security vulnerability scanner for custom SAP code.

2. Enterprise Application Security Framework: a comprehensive framework that provides security for mobile, data, SOA and portal applications without changing customers' existing applications.

3. Fraud Prevention, solutions using advanced biometric technology to prevent frauds and to increase productivity; and

4. Various GRC solutions.