Advocate Labs incentivizes a company’s biggest fans, social following and past customers to become Brand Advocates.

By sharing the promotion in their network, advocates are rewarded with cash or prizes for their referrals.

Custom Referrals Programs:
Advocates or sharers get a reward if someone uses their unique link and agencies show attribution to all the conversions that are taking place on all these different networks. With the help of these tools companies are now harnessing their social networks and scaling their businesses organically through their existing followers.

Advocate Labs turns your biggest fans into brand advocates that promote the brand for you. It’s as simple as pasting a javascript snippet or can be seamlessly integrated via API.

Advocate Labs provides companies with the tools needed to customize and integrate an enterprise referral program into existing infrastructure. Referral Programs enhance customer engagement by incentivizing brand advocates to share your campaigns.

Advocate Labs takes a personalized approach to Referral Software fitting into:

-Existing website
-social campaigns

Referral Program Benefits
Ultimately this is a low cost low barrier channel of advertising that provides powerful insight into your conversions. As a digital agency, chances are you already market on social channels, why not incentivize your brand’s biggest fans to get all the high conversion clicks for you. An advocacy program could be all it takes to get these high value value impressions for your clients.

Advocate Labs takes a social following and turns them into a social salesforce .People trust friends and colleagues much more than the average affiliate marketer. Thus when referred to a company it is not only does it bring a level of trust, but more relevancy. This creates high value interactions from people who may actually be interested in the company.

Referral Programs Enable Word of Mouth
Harness the power of loyal brand advocates ability to increase sales and awareness. Referrals have the highest conversion rate of any channel of advertising. “People are 9x more like to trust and buy from a brand referred by a friend.”

These advocates are engaged in being part of the brand buzz to spread the message. Brand advocates are the best customer because they not only get you new business but keep coming back themselves.

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