Advocate Medical Company is the exclusive importer and distributor of Uniderm Farmaceutici products in the USA and Puerto Rico. Uniderm Farmaceutici began over 35 years ago with a goal of developing and manufacturing products that are made for the skin without the use of drugs, hydrocarbons (mineral oils and petrolatums) or hormones. The company focuses on formulations using natural ingredients with a pH targeted for the specific part of the body. The result has been the launch of nine lines of products specifically formulated for men and women of all ages. Uniderm has introduced Lubrigyn and Proctonet into the United States via Advocate Medical Company. For more information about AMC, please visit http://www.advocatemedco.com/.  

To learn more about Lubrigyn and Proctonet products, please visit their respective web sites at www.lubrigynusa.com and www.proctonetusa.com.