AEROLITE METEORITES:  We DIG Space Rocks! Aerolite Meteorites is one the world's top meteorite businesses.  Owned by Geoff Notkin of the TV series "Meteorite Men," Aerolite specializes in meteorite sales to collectors, universities and institutions, as well as meteorite hunting, recovery and research, science writing, photography, and television documentaries.

GEOFF NOTKIN:  A television host, professional meteorite hunter, science writer, photographer, and owner of Aerolite Meteorites, Geoff stars on Science Channel's award-winning TV show, "Meteorite Men" and Cox7's "STEM Journals". He has also made documentaries for National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, BBC, History Channel, A&E, and Travel Channel and has written more than 150 published articles on meteoritics, paleontology, adventure travel, history, and the arts. The minor planet 132904, discovered at Mount Palomar, was named "Notkin" in recognition of Geoff's contributions to science and education.